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If you want to know more about the features, functions and applications of flexitank, please read the information as follows.

What is flexitank?
Flexitank is a special tank with a volume of 200-400 m3. It is made by plastic materials, and is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, electric power generation, fire protection, textile, environmental protection and agricultural industries.

Typical examples of goods transportation
A flexitank can be used for transporting any hazardous free liquid, for instance, all kinds of food grade like edible oils, concentrated juice, syrups, drinking water, additives, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, liquid medicines, etc. and industrial grade like glycerin, ink fertilizer, latex, emulsion, industrial oils etc.

Flexitank is an alternative choice for traditional tanks and it has advantages as follows
1. Compared with traditional tanks, low transport costs and large carrying capacity are available.
2. Quick loading and unloading procedure which saves the time cost.
3. Flexitank reduces the loss of transportation liquid during loading and unloading.
4. Direct transportation is achieved without any other media.

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