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About Us

Beijing Yanyang New Materials Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, as a professional manufacturer of polyurethane based textiles for both military and industrial use. Located in Beijing, our technological enterprise is able to complete the entire process of TPU coated fabric production from design to manufacture. Our facilities are staffed with 150 employees working in 12 departments in 4 different workshops.

Product and Application
Our products consist of bladder tank, layflat hose, fire hose and coated fabric. Bladder tank is primarily used for the storage of drinking water, gasoline, diesel and jet fuels, and industrial grease. It is also used as transportation containers for automobiles, ships and airplanes or as liquid tanks for airdrops, lifting and water transportation. The weight the bladder tank is only 10% a steel tank with same capacity.

Layflat hose is a hose that can be flatly coiled during positive pressure transportation and is widely used for water and oil supply, setting temporary transportation routes, emergency rescue and spare water supply systems. In addition, layflat hose is food safe, and can be used in the transportation of milk, instant drinks and drinking water.

Our fire hose was awarded CCCF and CCS by the Ministry of Public Security and is used for fire engines, fire boxes, industries, agriculture, architecture and shipping. The maximum diameter is 6 inches (250mm).

Coated fabrics are used to make soft tanks which serve as containers for gas, fuel, water, wine, edible oil, soy sauce, various syrups, industrial grease and diesel fuel. It is light weight, foldable, convenient and is adaptable to many uses and situations.

Research and development
By working with the TPU Coated Fabric Research Institute and the Union of Colleges on many related projects, we have manufactured a great number of products with independent intellectual property rights. Our hard work has earned us a number of impressive acknowledgements, including three times winning second place in National Science and Technology Progress, and first and second place from the Science and Technology Progress of General Logistics Department and 20 patents with independent intellectual property rights. We also have contributed seven times in the drafting and finalization of our national military equipment.

International Co-operation
The TPU coated fabric made by our company is used in numerous military applications by the navy, army and air force. It is also widely used in the petroleum, chemical and power industries, fire protection, textiles, environmental protection and agriculture. Our products are popular in many foreign countries, such as the USA, Britain, Russia, Korea, Columbia, Iran, India, Kenya and Nigeria.

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